MarTech Interview with Ivana Istochka, VP of Demand Gen and Community at Amity

Ivana, can you please briefly introduce your role as VP of Demand Gen & Community at Amity, highlighting key responsibilities and areas of focus.
In my current role at Amity, I lead two passionate teams: the Community team and the Demand Generation team. The Community team focuses on advising companies on the best ways to utilize Amity’s pre-built social features to transform their apps into thriving digital communities. Meanwhile, the Demand Generation team is dedicated to supporting Amity in generating awareness and demand for our services
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In your experience, which social features have proven successful in fostering community growth by leveraging Amity’s solution?
One feature that has proven immensely valuable in driving community growth is live, in-app chat. When we partnered with TrueID out of Thailand, our goal was to build the most engaged app in the country centered around the 2018 FIFA World Cup. We wanted to help replicate the experience of watching the games with friends in a bar or at a friend’s house on a much larger scale. By implementing in-app chat, we brought the conversations about the game that might occur on Instagram or Twitter into the streaming platform
Ivana, can you share insights into how businesses strategically use activity feeds to drive app growth and improve user engagement?
Activity feeds provide real-time information on likes, follows, comments, posts, and shared content from a user’s online community. These feeds help keep users updated about community activities, encourage engagement, direct traffic to new content, and provide customer support. To fuel app growth, displaying user-generated content that keeps users engaged can create social habits that drive app growth. Companies such as Noom, Planta, Strava, and Venmo have utilized activity feeds to rise to the top of users’ minds, away from the likes of Facebook and Instagram.
Could you share examples of how clients like Noom and Harley Davidson leveraged social features in Amity for effective community building?
Prior to integrating Amity, Noom’s community was hosted on a third-party platform, necessitating a migration to their proprietary app for optimal engagement. This transition required social features that were fully customizable, and access to all data to enhance the user experience.
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