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Hertha Nest
Welcome to Hertha Nest, a robust platform that stands for Indian cultural wooden products. As our name implies, we are a representation of strength and pride, designed to elevate your home with beautiful and auspicious artifacts crafted with quality and precision. We are an organization committed to preserving and promoting the rich Indian culture, primarily through empowering our local artisans.

Our specialities lie in transforming raw materials into products of splendor. Our products span various categories including Kids’ toys, Educational games, Indoor games, and Home décor, all infused with an Indian traditional touch. The toys we offer are not just engaging, but they also serve an educational purpose, making learning fun for your kids. Looking to spruce up your home décor? We’ve got you covered with products that add a pinch of tradition and a dash of sophistication to your space. What sets us apart is our hero category, ‘Upasana’. This unique selection comprises wooden idols, frames, and other auspicious items, ideal for expressing your faith and devotion to the Almighty.

All these products are carved from top-quality woods such as Pinewood, Shesham, Sandalwood, and Jackfruit, adhering to the roots of our culture. Safety is our topmost priority. Hence, the toys under our kids' category are painted using a unique lacquering process. This involves the use of natural substances like Turmeric and Mangistha combined with lac to achieve the vibrant colours. These non-toxic colours add a distinct shine and durability to the toys, making them safe and beautiful for your children.

At Hertha Nest, we strive to create an environment that resonates with safety, beauty, and an auspicious aura. We invite you to explore our collections that celebrate the Indian craftsmanship. With Hertha Nest, let's bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, creating homes that narrate the story of our rich Indian heritage.