Why You Do That By John B. Evans

"Many of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are derived from or influenced by personality styles that operate at a basic level in almost everyone. Yet most of us experience some level of ignorance, an irrational bias, or outright denial about these personality based lenses and filters though which we experience the world.
Understanding your basic personality characteristics will allow you to have the more accurate self-observations, insights and self-reflections necessary for a more comprehensive self awareness. While you may not be responsible for creating your personality in the past, it is your responsibility to create and maintain the stability of your personality in the present and future simply because no one else can do it for you. Even a competent therapist cannot get inside your head twenty-four hours a day.

Once you understand your basic personality traits and characteristics, self-awareness can play a decisive role in the choices you make as you actually create the person you want to be."