WhatsApp Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide to Growing Your Business

We don't need an introduction to WhatsApp as we all know that WhatsApp is a free mobile messaging service that has been connecting friends and family all over the world. It is the most used messaging app in the world. So naturally, businesses take advantage of it being the top messaging app. This is when WhatsApp marketing comes into the picture.

What is WhatsApp marketing?
WhatsApp marketing refers to the marketing or promotion activities that occur on WhatsApp. The marketers use WhatsApp Business account and WhatsApp Business Platform (formerly API). These two interfaces differ from the regular WhatsApp, which focuses more on personal messaging.

You can technically use your personal WhatsApp account to send WhatsApp marketing campaigns, but it is not recommended. Who wants their personal lives to be jumbled with their work life? There are high chances that you might run into issues with sending messages to a large number of contacts, plus you won't have access to the essential features you need for marketing, which are exclusive to the WhatsApp business profile.