Vanam Eco LLP 6 X 6 inches Compostable Clamshell Natural Sugarcane Bagasse Containers | Eco Friendly

These Containers are so designed that it is state of art with the sturdiness, ready to serve any food. It can be easily used in microwave ovens and in the refrigerator for chilling and deep freezing. Perfect for holding or storing food or snacks. Vanam Eco's Compostable Clamshells are made up of 100% Natural raw material. t is a Nature friendly option against nature harming plastic products. This, balances the eco system and so are ecofriendly. Easy Handy makes its usage easy and best optional choice against plastic. Our Vanam Eco's Containers can be used on every occasion for serving all types of food. Vanam Eco's Clamshells get composed in 60 to 90 days and again be a part of nature without harming nature. This keeps the nature clean and fresh and thus helps to maintain the health of the society.