Threptin Protein Diskettes, Protein Biscuit, High Calorie Supplement, Tin Pack – 275 Gm

Delicious high calorie protein supplement fortified with b vitamins

Protein Powerhouse: Threptin Protein Diskettes

Unleash the power of protein with Threptin Protein Diskettes – the perfect protein biscuit for those seeking a high-calorie supplement. Packed with nutritional benefits, these diskettes are a convenient and delicious way to boost your protein intake. Elevate your snacking experience with a tin pack that's fortified with essential B-Vitamins.

High Calorie, High Nutrition: Protein Biscuit Bliss

Enjoy the bliss of high-calorie nutrition with Threptin Protein Diskettes. These biscuits are meticulously crafted to not only provide a tasty treat but also to be a source of essential nutrients. Whether it's a quick snack or a supplement to your diet, indulge in the goodness of protein with every crunchy bite.