Commence on a transformative exploration of space planning with our comprehensive course that unravels the fundamentals of creating harmonious interiors. Learn the basics, from understanding floor plans and bubble diagrams to exploring the kitchen work triangle and various layouts. Receive practical tips for designing key areas such as the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, kids' room, guest bedrooms, and entrance foyer. Beyond aesthetics, this course emphasizes the importance of comfort and functionality in interior design. Discover the art of crafting ideal spaces that accommodate every need while ensuring the desired comfort. Gain valuable insights to elevate your design skills across different rooms, making this course an essential foundation for anyone aspiring to master the intricacies of space planning.

– Basics of space planning
– What is a floor plan?
– What is a bubble diagram?
– Kitchen work triangle along with different kitchen layouts
– Tips for designing living room, kitchen, master bedroom, kids’ room, guest bedrooms & entrance foyer