Rugged temperature data logger with high protection level

The Rugged temperature data logger is protected by an S316 stainless steel casing and is ideal for temperature monitoring and recording in harsh environments such as moisture, corrosion, and immersion. The protection level of this temperature recorder is IP67, which is very suitable for temperature monitoring and recording in food, medicine, printing and dyeing, disinfection, laboratories, etc., and can ensure that the ambient temperature of these industries meets the requirements.

A high level of protection means that the rugged temperature data logger is better waterproof and dustproof, and has a stronger resistance to falling and beating. The rugged temperature data logger launched by Freshliacne has both monitoring and recording functions. It can set alarm points and store data. When the ambient temperature is abnormal, an LED will flash and alarm. The USB temperature data logger can store up to 35,000 readings and can generate reports in PDF/CSV/PDF&CSV format. Users can use the USB interface to connect to a computer to automatically generate reports, which is helpful for quality analysis and traceability of items.

The rugged temperature data logger launched by Freshliance currently has three temperature ranges, namely -90℃~70℃/-40℃~125℃/-50℃~145℃. Users can choose the appropriate model according to their needs, and each range The accuracy is in line with the industry standards, has high stability and reliability and is trustworthy.
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