React Training in Hyderabad with certification

Introduction to React:

Understanding React components
JSX syntax and its advantages
State and props in React
React Router:

Navigation in React applications
Implementing dynamic routing
Managing route parameters
State Management with Redux:

Introduction to Redux architecture
Implementing actions, reducers, and stores
Integrating Redux with React components
Hooks in React:

Exploring useState, useEffect, and other hooks
Custom hooks for code reusability
Best practices for hook usage
Building Scalable Applications:

Component composition and reusability
Advanced patterns in React development
Performance optimization techniques
Testing React Applications:

Unit testing with Jest and React Testing Library
Snapshot testing and test-driven development (TDD)
Real-world Projects:

Hands-on projects to apply learned concepts
Portfolio-worthy applications for your GitHub
Training Details:

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Timings: [Mention the training schedule]
Location: [Provide the venue details in Hyderabad]
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
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