Pyari Mahira Turkish Drama 2024

View Pyari Mahira Turkish Drama 2024 online. This Turkish play, "Pyari Mahira," is a reimagining of "Kizim." Mahira, played by Esra Bilgic, is compelled to wed affluent Adnan in order to get money. After being rejected at first, Mahira develops feelings for Adnan. Her marriage and happiness could be ended by her prior secret. Ahmet Saracoglu plays Kemal, Asli Inandik plays Burcu, Saniye Dogan plays Saniye, Furkan Palali plays Nejat Yilmaz, Asli Bekiroglu plays Suna Dogan, and Gonca Sariyildiz portrays Hande Eymen. Baker We learn more about Suna's friendship with wealthy businessman Nejat, whose daughter Mahira thinks of as her mother. Hande, Nejat's former boyfriend, and Suna's crush on him.