OpenAI Playground: How to Use the GPT-3 Chatbot

Chat GPT or Beta OpenAI Playground is a trending application tool used by professionals around the world. Within a short span of coming to the market, it is being subscribed by millions of people around the world. You may be well aware of Chat GPT But how many of us are aware of Beta OpenAI-playground, another product of OpenAI?

Difference between ChatGPT and OpenAI-playground
Chat GPT is a language model developed by OpenAI and introduced in the market after undergoing significant and extensive pre-training with a huge amount of textual information. It can generate human-like responses in a conversational mode, ChatGPT emerged as a formidable tool of conversational AI applications. It can be a supportive tool to create news articles, books, and social media posts, providing users with insightful responses across a wide range of subjects

OpenAI-playground, on the other hand, is a web-based online platform that can be used for the exploration and experimentation of machine learning models. It provides a user-friendly interface, enabling the construction and training of AI models, alongside tools for testing and visualizing outcomes. OpenAI-playground accommodates a range of models, such as neural networks, decision trees, and k-nearest neighbors, thereby offering versatility in exploring diverse AI techniques.