Neurofeedback Training & Therapy at Home – Unlock Your Mind with Neuphony

Neurofeedback Training – Discovering the New-Gen Therapeutic.
A major revolution in changing the outlook of brain health and seeking brain therapy, is the Neurofeedback training.

Everything we think, feel and do is due to the activity of billions of neurons in the brain, which as s result produces brain waves or EEG (Electroencephalography). Neurotherapy makes us train these brain waves.

Also known as Neurotherapy, Neurofeedback brain training is biofeedback, which provides immediate, real-time feedback on brain activity and uses operant training to reinforce a healthy brain. It measures the brain waves from the subject/patient and teaches him/her self-control of brain function by providing feedback signals. In other words, the biofeedback modulates the brain signal into a wave which provides a relaxed response from the brain. The feedback is usually in audio or video form.