Iridescent pearl pigments manufactured by SP COLOUR & CHEMICALS

In Delhi, India SP Colour & Chemicals Manufactures Iridescent pearl pigments which are unique pigments that show a dynamic and moving scope of colours, suggestive of the play of shades found in regular pearls or cleanser bubbles. To know more visit our website :-

SP Colour & Chemicals’ Iridescent pearl pigments are normally made out of mica powder or synthetic materials covered with metal oxide layers, making a slight film obstruction impact that creates the luminous appearance.

These pigments are generally utilized in different enterprises, including beauty care products, auto coatings, plastics, printing inks, and paints. In the restorative business, SP Colour & Chemicals' iridescent pearl pigments are utilized in items, for example, nail polish, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and other cosmetics things to make an enthralling, multi-layered impact on the skin. More about Iridescent Pearl Pigments :-

In auto coatings, our pearlescent pigments upgrade the visual allure of vehicles by giving a remarkable and dynamic variety of moving impact. In addition, iridescent pearl pigments are frequently used in the production of packaging materials and plastics to add sophistication and visual interest.

Their flexibility and capacity to make striking special visualizations go with them a sought-after decision in different applications, empowering producers to accomplish enrapturing and stylishly satisfying items across different businesses. To know more about us – contact Details- +91 9990299744 Email us:
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