How to Finance Commercial Vehicles For Your Business | Origin Finance

Commercial Vehicle Finance isn’t just for cars, vans, and HGVs. It covers a huge range of vehicles, including specialist vehicle conversions such as coffee vans or promotional tour buses. From tradespeople to large haulage companies and taxi operators to mobile food vendors, vehicles can be the single most important asset that a company can own (and some businesses simply wouldn’t exist without them).
They can also represent an expensive initial outlay, especially if multiple vehicles are needed for a fleet operation. That’s why many look for external finance to support their vehicle purchases, to help get their business off the ground, replace existing vehicles, or fund the expansion and growth of their operations. Fortunately, Commercial Vehicle Finance is available – and many business owners would be surprised at the flexibility this type of finance can provide, allowing for the purchase of almost any type of vehicle. In this article, we give an overview of commercial vehicle finance to help businesses understand the options available to them.