Halo EFX Peelable Paint For Automotive ( Liquid Wrap).

Exciting news! Ugarit Auto Paints is now an authorized distributor of Halo EFX peelable paint (Liquid Wrap) in the GCC region! This addition to our lineup solidifies our commitment to providing top-quality automotive refinishing solutions.

Specializing in supplying products to the Automotive Refinishing Industry, we offer a wide range of Automotive Paints and car paint products at competitive prices. With years of experience, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering quality products since 1995.

As the largest Authorized Detailer and Distributor of refinishing auto paint products in the UAE, we’re committed to offering top-notch products and service. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, we're your trusted partner for all your automotive paint needs.

For orders and inquiries, email us at ugaritap@ugaritpaints.ae or visit our website at https://ugaritpaints.com. Connect with us on social media for updates and exclusive deals!

Contact any of our branches for personalized assistance:

* Sharjah: 06 532 6656–06 539 4499
* Dubai (Al Quoz): 04 388 4241–04 388 4207
* Dubai (Al Rashidiya): 04 234 1114–04 234 1115
* Abu Dhabi (Musaffah): 05 560 06211–05 215 99255
* Ajman (Industrial Area 2): 06 529 5218–058 668 6044

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