GMS powder Mono-di glycerides /GMS 40/GMS52 / GMS60 Supplier and Manufacturer

Glycerol monostearate(GMS) 40/ 52/ 60 emulsifiers are commonly used in baking. Mono and diglycerides e471 are surfactants produced by the interesterification of fats or oils with glycerol. And they are extensively used in the production of buns and pan bread since they are very effective crumb softeners. In addition to their proven anti-staling functionality. GMS glycerol monostearate is the most widely used food additives, safely used in the production and processing of food, medicine, plastics, etc., accounting for more than half of the market emulsifier consumption.
EEC NO. E471
CAS NO. 31566-31-1
CODE: GMS powder Mono-di glycerides/ GMS 40/GMS52 / GMS60
Color: White to off-white
Appearance: Flake or Powder