Food Additive Glyceryl Monolaurate (GML 90%) Supplier and Manufacturer

Distilled Glycerol Monolaurate 90% min is an advanced food emulsifier and preservative nowadays, exists in breast milk naturally. GML 90 is recognized as a fine food emulsifier internationally. Meanwhile, e471 emulsifier is a safe, effective, broad-spectrum antibacterial agent. Its LD50> 10g/kg, is a non-toxic food additive. In April 2005, the Chinese Ministry of Health approved that GML can be used in all kinds of food, and no dosage limit, it can be added according to actual needs.
EEC NO. E471
CAS NO. 142-18-7
CODE: Glyceryl Monolaurate (GML 90%)
Color: white
Appearance: Powder