Features of Medical Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger

Temperature monitoring can ensure the safety and effectiveness of medicines, vaccines, and other medical supplies during transportation, storage, and distribution. The Bluetooth temperature data logger can read temperature parameters on the APP through smart devices without unpacking, making it very suitable for medical temperature monitoring.

The BlueTag T10 Bluetooth temperature data logger launched by Freshliance, also called a wireless temperature logger, has the function of monitoring and recording temperature. It uses advanced Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth connection allows users to monitor temperature data in real time through mobile phones, tablets, and computers to understand the environment. Temperature change trend, if the temperature is abnormal, the mobile APP will also be reminded, and the user can make reasonable adjustments to the temperature in a timely manner. If users want to generate a pharmaceutical supply chain temperature report, they can export the report in PDF or CSV format through smart devices, which can store up to 65,000 temperature data, covering the entire pharmaceutical supply chain temperature data record storage.

In medical temperature monitoring, the key is to ensure the accuracy and reliability of temperature monitoring equipment. The accuracy of the Freshliance Bluetooth temperature data logger can reach ±0.5°C, which complies with medical error standards and can ensure medical quality and safety. At present, this temperature recorder is very widely used in major hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies, and its user evaluation is also very high. Welcome your consultation and purchase!
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