The goddess of gems, pearl stones are known for their unique beauty. When it comes to the timeless elegance and infinite beauty, pearls are unrivalled. Pearls are the most appropriate gem you can own. These shiny gems have been adored for centuries, which symbolises purity and beauty. Today mostly cultured pearls are available, made by putting an irritant inside the oyster shell. You'll be always amazed whenever you adorn any pearl necklace, pearl earrings or any pearl jewellery. Pearl jewellery is always there to provide you with calmness and centred feeling. It is the most innocent type of jewellery you can wear. These pearl jewellery look enticing and pretty which makes you want to have them all. But it is necessary to know the pearl quality and its grade before you own it. In this blog, we'll explore the factors that are needed to be focused while buying pearls. These factors will determine the pearl quality and provide you with valuable insights to make your decision right.