Duplex Steel S31803 Sheets & Plates Manufacturers

Duplex steel used is having the two faces with the ferrite and austenitic stainless steel grade. However, this is tougher than the pure ferrite grades which are there with stainless steel. With the presence of the stainless steel grades, the duplex steel is having perfect strength.

The Sheets & Plates are used readily in the industrial applications with the best quality of the alloy used in the pressure vessels. They are playing a great role in the household, commercial, semi-commercial, and all the industrial sectors.

Natural Steels is busy manufacturing, stocking, and exporting the Duplex Steel Sheets & Plates in wide ranges. The Sheets & Plates are also supplied to our global clients in superior quality.

Some of the properties which are there with the Sheets & Plates are corrosion resistance, great ductility, durability, high toughness, weldability, stability in the elevated temperatures, and pitting corrosion resistance.

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