Best Nasha Mukti Kendra For Drugs And Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Parmarth foundation De-addiction & Rehabilitation Centre” that has been successfully assisting addicts who seek to reform and improve their lifestyle, since the last 10 years. Parmarth Foundation is the best nasha mukti kendra in delhi.

Parmarth foundation has highly qualified and reputed psychiatrists and physiotherapists, along with an equally qualified and dedicated staff, who have a specific end goal, i.e. eradication of harmful addictions. We provide accurate diagnosis as well as step by step treatment which surely makes us one of the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation as well as de-addiction centers in Delhi. We have treated the people of all the states of the country very well. Moreover, alcohol addiction is considered as a state where the person fails to lead a healthy lifestyle and gets into the habit of taking drugs or eating. If alcohol is consumed regularly, it can lead to a terrible addiction in which the mind is always in a subconscious state.