Best Aviation Courses in Kerala

The top aviation courses in Kerala are offered by Ibis Academy. Aviation and airport management is one of the industries with the fastest growth rates. Students who wish to work in this industry must hold legitimate, globally recognized qualifications in a variety of aviation-related subjects. The Post Graduate Diploma Certificate in Airport Management from ibis is a valuable tool for any professional looking to advance in the aviation industry. Among the important areas in which learners receive training are Air Traffic Management, HR Management, Passenger Management, Airport Security, Cargo Management, Baggage Management, Customer Service Management, Legal Aspects, Finance Management, etc. Learners can study courses in an online, offline, or hybrid manner through the Diploma Program (240 hours / 6 months) and Post Graduate Diploma Program (400 hours / 12 months). The AHM department at Ibis takes pride in its 100% placement rate because its graduates are true aviation professionals in every way. Not only do they receive a valuable certificate, but they are also trained by some of the most renowned soft skill trainers in the nation as well as aviation professionals.