Author: Vick Hundal

Vick Hundal – Weapons Offences Lawyer

Weapons Offences Being charged with a firearms and weapons offence is an extremely serious matter that can result in surprisingly long periods of incarceration. These offences carry mandatory minimum sentences and... Read More

Vick Hundal – Lawyer for Theft Offences

Theft Convicted of theft will negatively impact your future. You may be dismissed from your current employment, have trouble finding subsequent employment opportunities and develop a negative opinion in the eyes... Read More

Vick Hundal – Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sex Assault Facing sexual assault charges and looking for a lawyer for sexual abuse? Sexual offences and assault allegations are very serious, and can significantly impact lives for years. Read More

Vick Hundal – Lawyer for Robbery related cases

Robbery Robbery is a form of felony theft and is defined as the taking of property from another person by the use of force, intimidation, or the threat of force. It... Read More