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Kemry: Manufacturer of Sugar Vermicelli Sprinkles

Sugar vermicelli sprinkles are usually utilized as beautifying components on different confectioneries. Kemry’s sugar vermicelli sprinkled on top of cakes to add colour, texture and crunch. They can be set... Read More

The biggest manufacturer of confectionery decorative raw materials is a company named Kemry. Kemry manufactures Sugar vermicelli sprinkles which are normally utilized as a beautifying component in different treats. Our... Read More

Kemry Vermicelli Sprinkles used on Various Desserts : Cakes, Cupcakes, Doughnuts and more

Sugar vermicelli sprinkles are manufactured by Kemry, and are ordinarily utilized as brightening components in different confectioneries. To visit our website :- Here are a few well known applications: Cakes:... Read More

Kemry: Manufacturer of Sugar Vermicelli Sprinkles used on Confections

Sugar vermicelli sprinkles manufactured by Kemry, otherwise called sugar strands or sugar jimmies, are little, colorful designs used to add an embellishing contact to confectionery sweets, for example, cakes, cupcakes,... Read More