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"Masood’s Tonsix tablets is relieves symptoms of enlarged tonsils Helpful in reduces inflammation of tonsils Indicated in sore throat with painful swallowing Used to treats fever due to tonsillitis""Masood’s Tonsix tablets is relieves... Read More

Rhus toxicodendron Pentarkan Ptk 73 is used for rheumatic muscle and joint complaints. It helps with acute states of tension and pain that occur, for example, after a cold, soaking... Read More

Rubisan Creme by Schwabe is a homeopathic creme used for the treatment of dry skin rashes, psoriasis. Its periodic application will gradually improve all such conditions.Rubisan Creme by Schwabe is... Read More

Sabal Pentarkan Ptk 75  is used to effectively treat cystitis and inflammation of the prostate. The components complement each other in their effect and support the healing process in inflammation of the bladder and prostate. Sabal Pentarkan Ptk 75... Read More

Senega Pentarkan Ptk 77 is used for Chronic Bronchitis. It relieves cough with plenty of viscous mucus, such as that seen in older people or heavy smokers. It is also helpful with chronic inflammation of the bronchi, which is... Read More

Silicea Lotion by Dr. Willmar Schwabe is considered the mineral salt of beauty. It strengthens the connective tissue and is important for the growth of skin Silicea Lotion by Dr. Willmar Schwabe is considered... Read More