Anti Ageing Treatment in Asansol – Durgapur

Our skin changes structurally as we age, and signs of ageing become apparent. Both internal and external factors, such as extended sun exposure, a long-term poor skin care routine, and other underlying medical conditions that impair skin regeneration, can contribute to skin ageing. Wrinkles, volume loss, fine lines, sagging, open pores, dull skin, and a patchy complexion are all consequences of premature skin ageing.
What are the common signs of ageing?
1. Dull Skin: As we age, our skin's natural ability to regenerate new cells and replace the dead ones on its surface slows down.
2. Uneven Skin Tone: Age spots, melasma, uneven and dark patches on the lips and chin, or dark circles around the eyes are examples of uneven skin tone caused by the overproduction of melanin pigment brought on by excessive sun exposure or hormonal factors.
3. Wrinkles: As skin ages, structural proteins called collagen and elastin are lost, causing folds and ridges to appear.
4. Open Pores: As we age, open pores frequently get bigger and more noticeable because of the skin's sebaceous glands' excessive production of sebum and ongoing loss of collagen.
5. Fine Lines: The natural breakdown of collagen and elastin proteins causes these early indicators of ageing to appear as shallow creases in the skin. Laughter lines around the mouth, bunny lines on the upper nose region, horizontal forehead lines, and glabellar lines on the midbrow region are a few examples.
6. Saggy Skin: In addition to the neck, sagging or loose skin on the face is a common concern, particularly around the chin, cheeks, and eyelids.