Advancing Heart Health: The Expertise of Angioplasty Specialist Dr. Hemant Chaudhari in Pune

Dr. Hemant Chaudhari
Vascular surgeon in Pune – Dr. Hemant Chaudhari
Dr. Hemant K. Chaudhari, is one of the very few Vascular surgeon in Pune across India. He is based in Pune with monthly visits at various places across the Maharashtra (Ahamednagar, Aurangabad, Baramati, Daund, Akluj just to name a few).

His area of expertise is minimally invasive Vascular surgeon in Pune (Keyhole surgery done just through needle puncture). He is specialized in all the problems of blood vessels (Artery and Vein). He has vast experience in Diabetic foot ulcer management, Varicose vein LASER/ VENASEAL (glue therapy), Venous ulcer treatments,AV fistula for dialysis etc. as well as in advanced Leg and Hand saving procedures like angioplasty/Stenting/complex bypasses for gangrene or nonhealing foot ulcers, Leg & hand saving procedures like thrombolysis/thrombectomy for blood clots in artery (Acute Limb Ischemia), Aortic aneurysm endovascular repair, carotid stenting and surgery.