Aakashavani is a film directed by Ashwin Gangaraju starring Amuthirakani, Vinay Varma, Prashant, Teja Kakumanu in lead roles. This picture was directed by Ashwin Gangaraju, and his direction is excellent. The setting he's selected, as well as the manner he's put out the tale in such a unique way, looks great.

The story starts in a remote forest where tribal groups live alone and have no awareness of the outside world. They are ruled by Dora (Vinay Varma), a guy who exploits the tribals for his gain. When a tribal youngster discovers a radio, everything changes. A schoolmaster (Samuthiraikani) enters the jungle as a result of this.

The tribals' purity has also been nicely portrayed. Samutiraikani is excellent as always, and his performance enhances the film. In crucial situations, the emotions are quite well. In addition, the film's social message is outstanding. In particular, the character graphs in the film appear to be extremely realistic.

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