VioResume is World largest video resume archive

VioResume is World largest video resume archive.
VioResume profile splits your ordinary resume into an interactive video resume based on your qualifications, experience, and potentials. The best effective tool for screening employees effectively.

VioResume profile is a shareable video resume profile. It splits your ordinary resume into five questions that you answer in your profile. Recruiters & companies find it as a very useful tool to screen their candidates effectively. Eighty percent of candidates with a VioResume profile get five times more calls & interviews in their job search in a short time. VioResume profile also organizes your work experiences, education, skill sets and video references from your previous employers. It's another way of showcasing your portfolio. VioResume profile is hundred percent authentic and genuine. Video resume profile shows your confidence level, leadership capabilities and presentation skills. Candidates get more confident when they create their video resume which helps them when they take the final interview.

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