Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to transform HR workflows

The world of HR has not been technology-driven, but it’s going to witness a huge transformation through the integration of AI in HR processes. It will create waves in the world of recruitment, employee experience, and holistic talent management. AI enables non-human machines to think like humans. This is possible through deep learning and machine learning.

What AI aims at is human learning, reasoning, problem-solving, and multi language processing. Machine learning integrated with deep learning makes it possible for machines to learn and make informed decisions or predictions for various sectors or industries. Machine learning would intend to teach itself what objects look like by working on data.

Key areas where AI can help HR managers.

Detecting Inconsistencies – Identify, learn, and compare datasets that do not conform to pre-defined patterns.

Background checks – AI can help HR managers perform background verification's for candidates through resume screening, & monitor unstructured data points. Red flags can be raised if an anomaly is detected in the resume.

Employee Retention – Study employee patterns to reduce employee attrition and improve employee engagement.

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