The red-haired princess and the golden bird

In a kingdom, there lived a beautiful princess. She has long red hair and loves roses so much that everyone calls her the Princess of the Roses.

Every evening after dusk, the Princess of the Roses went to the balcony and applauded. A golden bird came out of nowhere and descended on his shoulder. Instantly, the princess's hair began to glow with a brilliant red light.

When the bird began to sing a mesmerizing song, the Princess of the Roses sang along, and everyone in the kingdom fell asleep and had sweet dreams until daybreak.

Until one day something terrible happened. A magician cursed him. "Abracadabra, Sim-Sala-Bim, may the rose color dim!" said the witch, and Princess Rose's hair instantly turned black.

That very night, the Rose Flower Princess came out on her balcony and clapped her hands. But when the golden bird appeared, its hair glowed black instead of red. The bird sang a mesmerizing melody, and the Rose Princess sang her lullaby.

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