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CongruentX is helping businesses with a range of services to implement a crm system that helps their business grow with adoption & training plan. It includes dynamics 365, salesforce, power... Read More

ledcn- We produce LED lights.

rect supply of outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting Professional manufacturer. As one of the professional manufacturers of LED street lights and outdoor lighting, we would like to build a long-term cooperation with... Read More

CongruentX is offering cloud solutions and services for the complete digital transformation of your company. We have multitude of services that includes private or public cloud hosting, cloud migration -... Read More

Automation Compliance Solution

Since the cost for ensuring compliance is on the rise every day resulting in a large share of their revenue is being spent on the same, employers also face challenges... Read More

Air Technologies provides faster and secure cloud computing company solution in Dubai. Azure Disaster Recovery and clouds Backup Solutions. We give you the best services and a great backup support... Read More

Besides being frequently used in individual homes, the Electric Radiant Ceiling Heating System is also ideal for other spaces, such as condominiums, townhouses, apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and... Read More