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Fairmont Industries is a Ecolastic EPDM Granules distributor in the UK. We offer different grades of EPDM granules suitable for all applications required by the rubber sports and safety surfacing... Read More

Fairmont Industries is a supplier of EPDM granules form rubber flooring in India. EPDM rubber granules provides durable, non-toxic, friendly environment, stability surface to the users by it's excellent safety... Read More

Fairmont Industries was established with a aim to provide cost effective and best-known quality EPDM rubber granules. We are a market leader in trading a wide range of attractive “Ecolastic”... Read More

Fairmont Industries manufacture EPDM rubber granules which are durable, resilient, resistant, eco-friendly and elastic materials ideal for synthetic flooring and surfacing. Surfaces constructed with EPDM rubber granules are ideal for... Read More