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Degassing System in Mumbai | India

Degassing systems in Mumbai utilize inert gas to erase the hydrogen from the molten aluminum to improve the metal quality. Inclusions can also erode the fluidity, enhance the porosity, cause loss... Read More

Durashell Composite Pressure Vessel in Mumbai | India

A composite overwrapped pressure vessel (COPV), intended to hold a fluid under pressure, is a vessel made of a thin, non-structural liner wrapped in a structural fiber composite. Between the... Read More

Industrial Tanks Manufacturer in Mumbai | India

Gas, oil, water, and petrochemical compounds can all be stored in industrial storage tanks, which are utilized for this purpose. Different sizes and designs are available for industrial storage tanks.... Read More

FRP MB Vessel Manufacturer in Mumbai | India

International standards like BS4994, EN13121, and others are used in vessel manufacturing. Sight glass, maintenance hole, handhole, and center collector openings can all be modified for FRP MB (MIXED BED)... Read More