Solving India’s Looming Water Crisis Through Chemical Treatment

Water contamination now constitutes one of the gravest threats to public health and welfare in urban communities lacking reliable access to clean water. As sources face escalating pollution from sewage, agricultural runoff, mining waste, unrelenting industrial dumping and endemic sanitation crises, already vulnerable populations endure heightened exposure to water-borne illnesses including cholera, hepatitis and parasitic dysentery. Yet Mumbai company Nichem Solutions offers communities affordable empowerment against impending freshwater calamities through their wide range of innovative, specialized water purification chemicals. Nichem Solutions produces uniquely formulated water treatment chemicals to neutralize and eliminate the chief biological and industrial contaminant hazards that render water dangerous for human utilization. Water disinfectants such as Iodinated Resin and Silverized Ceramic Filters actively disable deadly water-borne pathogens including bacteria, viruses, protozoan parasites, nematode worms and neglected tropical diseases that exploit inadequate sanitation infrastructure and contaminate community water resources. Additional nano adsorbents and ion-exchange resins like Iron Remover Catalysts mitigate toxic heavy metal accumulation from mining effluent, industrial runoff and pesticides that can cause organ failure and cancer upon exposure to untreated water.