Nowadays Sanitaire issues surely impacted the life and environment of the school, either as teachers, administrators, students, or even parents.
For this sake, SKWILAPP developers succeeded in making the most effective and suitable distance application for better management and more simplicity, and give value to our teaching/learning life again.
Based on the limits of all other platforms and applications, SKWILAPP presents you the juice of all services you can exploit, an evolving tool that ensures the continuity of teaching regardless of the health context while making life easier for your teachers and the administration.
Wherever they are, parents will be able to follow their children's course and school life as closely as possible: Detailed schedule in real-time, consultation of homework, grades, averages, school life events.
SKWILAPP is designed to adapt face-to-face and/or distance education. Live or recorded distance lessons, transcripts, skill assessment, school program monitoring, digital textbook….
A powerful communication tool at the service of students, parents, teachers, and the administration: emailing, push notification, chat, news feed …

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