Polysorbates Powder(T80-DA)Supplier and Manufacturer

Polysorbates Powder(T80-DA)
T80-DA is a mixture of polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (Tween 80) and organic acid glycerides, fatty acid glycerides.Polysorbate 80 Powder a co-sprayed emulsifier system, Which is widely used in ice cream as emulsifying agent and other frozen dessert products.Excellent spill and film performance in engineering, maximizing deterrence and providing depth. Provides a delicious fresh ice texture in milk.Tween 80 adds better performance at lower usage.
EEC NO. E433
CAS NO. 9005-65-6
CODE: Polysorbates Powder(T80-DA)
Color: White To Yellowish
Appearance: Powder