Pokerbros Agents – Definition of What Pokerbros agent is!

What Pokerbros agent is, and what relationships they have.
An agent in Pokerbros is a middle-person between the players and the club. Their job is to ensure all the players as satisfied and have no unsolved problems. The agents themselves have a way of communicating with the community of players. This way could through a social media channel/page, Telegram, blog etc.The agents also communicate with the club's owner and when the agents are bringing new players to the club they will share a revenue with the club's owner. The relationship between the agent and the club must based on trust.

So do I need an agent to play in Pokerbros?
This will be depending on the clubs in which you will be trying to play. Some clubs will require you to have an agent so you can join them, and others will have their own agents and you will be able to join directly to the club.

Is anyone free to become an agent?
This matter will also be depending on the club in which you will be playing. There are clubs which will be asking for a minimum number of players that the agent will be able to refer, and some clubs will require the agent to take care of the chips of their own players.At the other end, there will be clubs which will let the agents to refer any number of players and will be taking care of all the chips that the players need. So this is more as a refer situation since once the players have joined the clubs, they take care of all the work.

Why the agents usually do not have clubs?
There could be many numbers of reasons for this but probably the most common is that most of the agent just do not have the required number of players so they can start a club. For a club to be running almost smooshly it's preferable to have at least 100 players, and some agents won't be able to get that number.And even if they manage to get enough players and start a club, there will be the problem of joining a big union so their players can play with other clubs. Most of the big unions have strict requirements for the clubs they are accepting and most often the small ones do not cover them.

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