MarTech Interview with Zack Rosenberg, CEO and co-founder of Qortex

Before delving into the details of Qortex, could you share a bit about your background and what inspired you to co-found Qortex and embark on this journey in the world of video advertising?
We originated as a sports media company aiming to bring live sports to social media channels. It wasn’t long before we attracted an audience, but realized quickly the platforms don’t monetize it as they don’t know what it is and they wouldn’t allow us to sell our own pre-roll, so we created a non-interruptive experience that could scale. Once we solved our own problem, it was time to expand its reach.
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Zack, could you provide a concise overview of how Qortex is transforming the landscape of video advertising and helping marketers achieve more effective and dynamic campaigns?
Qortex is an intelligent video analytics company best known for on-stream, scalable in-video experiences for the web, CTV, and in-game. We connect marketers to the moments that matter in content from categories of content correlated to the performance metrics that drive results.

Moment Categorization
How does Qortex categorise moments within videos, and what kind of insights does this provide for advertisers in terms of the content their video ads are associated with?
We categorize by actions, events, feelings, products, and more to hone in on precisely the right opportunities for each brand and message.

Sentiment and Engagement Analysis
Tell us more about how Qortex analyses sentiment and engagement rates. How does this information help inform targeting strategies for advertisers?
Connecting the right moment with the right message is magic. Most advertisers have seen incremental gains. When you do something different, you can see exponential gains. On-stream delivers 6.8X more attention, 30% increases in brand metrics, 2.3X the engagement of traditional video ads.

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