Looking for a Bridge Loan for Non Owner Occupied Property?

People take out short-term loans usually to meet their needs from within a week to a year. In the real estate or property market, these loans are called Bridge Loans. Most private lenders provide bridge loans on non owner occupied properties and so are called non owner occupied bridge loans. To get a bridge loan you will need to mainly show equity in the property because non owner occupied bridge loans are usually backed by asset collaterals like equity. Your credit score etc does not matter as much as the equity in the deal does. Non owner occupied bridge loans like this also have much higher interest rates than other loans because they are of a shorter time period and can be a lot riskier. To get a bridge loan for a non-owner occupied property, you need to show you are reliable, have a plan in place to pay back the bridge loan quickly, and that there is enough equity in the deal for the lender to take that risk. Every bridge loan lender has their own requirements and niches so make sure you do your own research before you decide to get a bridge loan.

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