Upgrade your parking lots and security lighting with the LED Shoebox Area Light TK-SAL2 Series. This state-of-the-art luminaire boasts a sleek design and offers Type II, III, IV, & V optics options to deliver superior lighting performance.
Built to last, the light is corrosion-resistant and 100% mercury and lead-free, making it an ideal fixture for medium-height parking lot poles and new construction applications in industrial, warehouse, manufacturing, commercial, office, residential, and hospitality facilities. This LED light offers increased energy savings with an optional bi-level motion sensor while the photocell ensures efficient operation.
Installation is a breeze with the luminaire’s easy-to-mount design, which offers five mounting options: direct, slip fitter, square/round pole bracket, trunnion, and U bracket. Bring the latest LED technology to your space with the LED Shoebox/Area Light TK-SAL2 Series.

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