Islamabad is a stunning capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Islamabad is luxurious green and because of its herbal splendor, it is the middle of enchantment for the entire world. Islamabad links Pakistan's northern areas to the sector with the aid of air delivery. UAE is a Muslim Arab country, having seven states wherein Dubai has carried out the highest development. Dubai is at the pinnacle and great vacation spot for now not only spending vacations but is also a global business center and an excellent employment mark. Dubai has developed in the previous few decades and is now a day’s center point of the commercial region. Many skyscrapers with the tallest constructing of global Burj Khalifa, the world's present-day shopping facilities, beautiful beaches, and many other enjoyment places are a landmark of Dubai. People from all over the global live there with a comfortable lifestyle. Dubai has evolved and advanced with increase generation but conventional and cultural touch can be considered in vintage souks and ancient locations. Mostly Air blue has direct flight operation between Islamabad to Dubai. Air blue is Pakistan's first private-owned Airline that links Pakistan to Dubai and with the completeworld. Large numbers of Pakistanis go to Dubai daily for their jobs, agencies or spending vacations Air blue gives the most inexpensive flight applications for Dubai with excellent inflight centers.

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