How to properly use disposable temperature indicators for refrigerated cosmetics?

Some cosmetics or skin care products must be refrigerated during transportation or storage because they are more sensitive to temperature, and higher temperatures will affect their quality and safety. During the refrigeration process, disposable temperature indicators can be used to help detect the temperature of cosmetics and ensure their quality.

Common cosmetics that need to be refrigerated include eye cream or eye gel, anti-itch cream, sunscreen, nail polish, perfume, acne cream, lipstick, makeup lotion, natural cosmetics, etc. Proper refrigeration and temperature monitoring can ensure their effectiveness and safety. The AlertTag T10 LCD Disposable Temperature Indicators launched by Freshliance are suitable for monitoring the refrigerated temperature of cosmetics. They are small, thin, and light, and can be directly pasted on the packaging to monitor the temperature, and their accuracy can reach ±0.5°C. A slight change in the refrigerated temperature of cosmetics is enough Monitor and record.

Nowadays, there are more and more types of cosmetics and skin care products, and some high-end products require refrigerated storage. Disposable temperature indicators produced by Freshliance can effectively monitor the storage temperature of cosmetics to improve product quality and meet industry standards and requirements.

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