How Much Do PHP Developers Make An Hour: Best Analysis In 2024

Introduction of How Much Do PHP Developers Make An Hour:
Through the creation of dynamic websites and applications, PHP developers are instrumental in reshaping the digital landscape. Understanding PHP developers’ salary is crucial for both individuals and companies, as the need for these developers grows. In-depth information about hourly, weekly, monthly, and annual compensation for PHP developers is covered in this article. We’ll also examine the regional differences, pinpoint the places with the best salaries, and reveal related job titles that pay even more.

Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, and Hourly Breakdown:
The average yearly compensation for a PHP developer in the US is a whopping $102,005 as of December 14, 2023. If we take it even further, this works out to about $8,500 a month, $1,961 a week, or $49 an hour. This information is the result of a thorough analysis that took years of experience, location, and skill level into account.

The annual compensation range for PHP developers is wide, spanning from $38,000 to $149,000. Around $83,000 is earned by individuals in the 25th percentile, while $115,500 is made by those in the 75th percentile. The 90th percentile of earnings, or the top 10%, claim a yearly salary of $131,000. This fluctuation points to lots of room for pay raises and professional progression.