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What is High Memory Cloud Server?
– A high-memory cloud server is configured to prioritize and allocate a substantial amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) to handle memory-intensive workloads. These servers are optimized for applications and processes that require ample memory for optimal performance, such as large-scale databases, in-memory caching, and virtualization environments. Choosing a high-memory cloud server ensures efficient processing of tasks that heavily depend on fast and expansive memory access.
High Memory Cloud Server

vCPU : 4
RAM Dedicated :30 GB
NVMe Storage :225 GB


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HIM.60GB – 12 vCPU + 60GB RAM + 450GB NVMe Storage
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HIM.90GB – 15 vCPU + 90GB RAM + 675GB NVMe Storage
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HIM.120GB- 18 vCPU + 120GB RAM + 900GB NVMe Storage
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HIM.240GB- 32 vCPU + 240GB RAM + 1800GB NVMe Storage
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HIM3.30GB – 6 vCPU + 360GB RAM + 225GB NVMe Storage
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HIM3.60GB – 12 vCPU + 60GB RAM + 450GB NVMe Storage
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