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hack explanations The Spotify application is one of the most popular music playback applications on many platforms, including the Android and iPhone platforms, as well as the computer platform on both linux and Windows systems, where you can listen to a song or audio clip you want, for free, without the need to wait for the singer or composer To download the song for free on well-known platforms such as YouTube or Facebook.

The spotify service was developed to play music in 2006 by two Swedish developers known as Daniel Eck and Martin Lorenston, and it later became Spotify AB, then Daniel and Martin developed an application for the Android and iPhone platform, where the platform was developed Android, on May 27, 2014, and then the iPhone version was developed on October 11, 2014.

The Spotify service has become one of the largest free platforms for playing music and obtaining ownership rights for audio clips. This platform has obtained approximately 527 million active users, including about 210 million users, of whom is a monthly subscriber to premium services. The Spotify platform also contains more than 100 million songs with Ownership rights and about 5 million podcasts for other platforms such as tedx, udemy, and many others.

The Spotify service has now become the largest music service in more than 184 different countries. You will find the application available in more than fifty different languages, including English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, and many others. Also, the Android and iPhone platform applications have achieved great success, as the application has received about One billion downloads, in addition to obtaining a 4.4 rating and more than 29 million written reviews, which is the highest quality of these applications.

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