GoIP GSM Gateway – VoIP Gateway Solution

The GoIP GSM gateway is a device used to connect a GSM or cellular network to a VoIP network. It enables the use of regular mobile phones as SIP extensions on an IP-PBX. The GoIP allows businesses to take advantage of the benefits of VoIP, including lower costs, enhanced call quality, and additional features, while still using their existing GSM infrastructure. The GoIP Gateway can be used in various applications, including remote offices, remote call centers, and mobile networks. The GoIP gateway supports up to 16 SIM cards, and its configuration can be easily managed through a web-based interface.

The GoIP series gateway is a broadband relay gateway newly developed by DBL Technology. GoIP is designed to work in conjunction with critical phone systems and IP-PBX to provide GSM communications particular, the GoIP gateway supports multi-device groups, with flexible settings of large GSM gateway groups with different channel numbers. With its low price, excellent voice quality, and powerful features, the GoIP series gateway is the first choice for system integrators, traffic operators, and softswitch manufacturers.

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