Global Telepresence Equipment Market – Industry Analysis and Forecast (2019-2026)

Global Telepresence Equipment Market Dynamics

The latest technological innovation in robotic telepresence video conferencing is a driving factor of the telepresence equipment market growth. The advantage offered by telepresence equipment is as it offers life-size video conferencing which gives the feel of real person actuality.

The need for the enterprises to decrease the cost of traveling for the employees is the key factor driving the telepresence equipment market growth. Cost-effective solutions for global interactions, along with the rising influence of cloud services, technological advancements, low operating expenditure, and cost investments are some of the other factors pushing the market growth. However, installation costs are high and bandwidth is hampering the growth of the global telepresence equipment market.
Global Telepresence Equipment Market Segment Analysis

The large enterprise occupies the highest market share of the telepresence equipment market followed by medium and small enterprises. Telepresence equipment is mostly used in many of the large enterprises which are in different sectors such as healthcare, education, and government. The Healthcare industry occupies the majority of the market share followed government.

The room-based telepresence system has the highest market share over the forecast period owing to the increased use of enterprises. The virtual presence of the individuals in the meeting will improve the experience so decreasing the cost of traveling.

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