Global Data Preparation Tools Market- Industry Analysis and Forecast (2020-2027)

Data preparation is a sub-domain of data integration, which can be executed with dedicated tools or traditional tools for data integration such as ETL tools, data virtualization, or data warehouse automation. The goal of data preparation is to support business analysts by preparing different kinds of data for their analytical purposes.
Business users are demanding a fast and flexible analytical landscape from their IT departments. A lack of resources, flexibility, and complex systems are standing in the way of efficient and agile delivery. Smart data management is one of the key drivers for business success mainly in the field of digitalization where data and analytics are increasing importance in the business. Many companies have recognized and striving to solve many of their data usage problems by introducing data preparation. High expectations of the benefits of analytics and the demand for agility are driving the use of data preparation.

The demand for data management solutions is huge, mainly for data preparation. The importance of data and analytics to business success has increased, thanks to the rise in awareness and discussion of big data and digitalization, responsibility among business users for the use of data has increased significantly.

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