Freshliance Temperature Humidity Recorders help vaccine cold chain

Due to the particularity of vaccines, vaccines need to be kept in a constant and suitable temperature environment during transportation and storage, and different vaccines require different environmental temperatures. Therefore, vaccines often need to be processed in the cold chain, and Temperature Humidity Recorders with quality certification are required to monitor and record the temperature of the vaccine cold chain environment in real-time to avoid excessive temperature changes that affect their quality and safety.

There are strict transportation and storage requirements after the vaccine is successfully produced and before vaccination. Each country has relevant regulations for vaccine storage, transportation and management, vaccine storage and transportation temperature monitoring, and vaccine storage and transportation equipment. As a manufacturer of vaccine Temperature Humidity Recorders, Freshliance launched Thermis Log 1 Disposable Temperature Recorder, which is currently very suitable for vaccine use. Its high sensitivity and high accuracy make it very suitable for cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring and recording of sensitive items such as vaccines.

Manufacturers and health agencies provide storage and transportation requirements for specific vaccines, so be sure to refer to official guidance to ensure the vaccine is stored correctly and its quality and effectiveness are maintained. Freshliance has launched different models of Temperature Humidity Recorders according to the different cold chain temperatures of different vaccines. The price is cheap, welcome to buy!

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